If a loved one passes on in a hospital then you will be put in touch with the hospitalís medical team who will give you a time at which you can visit the deceased. They will also notify you of a time and date at which you will be able to collect a medical certificate of death. After this it then becomes the duty of your chosen Funeral Directors to take the deceased from the hospital to their funeral home.

Should your loved one pass on when abroad the most important thing to do is to contact the local police whom will be able to connect you to the nearest British Consulate. Then arrangements will be able to be made for what happens next, whether you would like your loved one buried locally or repatriated to the UK. You will be issued with a local death certificate and the British Consulate will help you make sure that any regional laws and procedures are followed properly. Should the cause of death be sudden or suspicious then a coroner will be required to investigate the circumstances and cause of death, only once this has been done will a certificate be issued to legally register the death.
When someone passes on it can be an overwhelming situation. Knowing what you should do, and when, is very difficult, most people want to simply hide away and have the world give them ten to simply regroup. However this isnít always possible and suddenly there are innumerable things you have to do no matter how much you wish you didnít have to. A lot of people get in touch with their family and friends first before calling a Funeral Director. Doing whatever you feel comfortable with at the time is always the right option.
Upon A Death
What to do when someone passes on.
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